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LED Homing Beacon


ICAO recommends the use of an heliport beacon in particular when:

The LED heliport beacon (white light), in accordance with the ICAO standards, has a four flashes sequence, corresponding to the letter “H” (Morse code) that can be dimmable (100%, 10% or 3%) depending on the night visibility or the helicopter distance.

Main Features

Compliant with:
  • ICAO Annex XIV, Vol. II Par. 5.3.2
  • ICAO Annex XIV, Vol. I Par. to 14
  • FAA AC 150/5390-2C Par 210f 310h 410f
  • ETL certification pending
  • CE marking
  • Brilliancy control: 100%, 10%, 3%
  • Input voltage 120 or 230V , 50/60Hz;
  • High intensity LED matrix;
  • Visibility: > 15 km in smc
  • Electrical power equivalent to 150W;
  • Enclosure: IP65 (complying to EN 60529)
remote control for brilliancy control.
Mechanical Interface
LED Homing Beacon Dimensions
LED Homing Neacon Dimensions
N4 holes f 8mm on 234x197mm
drilling template

The apparatus can be installed with the two separate units or with the light source above
the power junction box. The drilling template is the same in both cases.
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